Ready to get your double unders? These are a milestone of CrossFit, which has brought back skipping rope from the 80’s and 90’s and made it more than childs-play! While boxers and other athletes who have to be quick on their feet have no problem training regularly with skipping ropes, the rest of us forgot about them. Double-unders is how CrossFit refers to passing the rope twice in a single jump.


Double-unders, and now, triple-unders, are becoming expected feats by those who want to compete in Crossfit. And why not? Coordination, timing, muscle endurance and aerobic endurance are all at play. There are a few things going on during double unders.

The first step to master is skipping singles…

You’ve got to find the right rhythm to maintain the singles before you can move on. Some folks just don’t have any rhythm. The good news is that you can quickly improve this by doing singles every day. If you need to, listen to music while you skip and find the right rhythm.

Once the singles cause no more problems, it’s time to throw in the doubles! The correct body position for a double under is to use the same position as you did for singles. Jumps should use as little energy as possible, and thus be as efficient as possible. Struggling with very high jumps, or bending in the hips creating a “hollow body” are inefficient and will cause the athlete to use more energy than necessary, tiring you out.

 This is what you’ll need to do:

-        Maintain a Straight body position

-        Maintain your rhythm (don’t get too excited and jump faster!)

-        Use your wrists to increase the speed of the skipping rope

-        Use a variation of single-double combinations to adjust to the “feeling” of the double under (explained below)

-        Remain relaxed with loose arms and shoulders

-        Practice frequently!

Before we move on, it is important to note that you won’t get comfortable with double unders in just a day or two! Spending 5 to 7 minutes before each workout, or at least 4 or 5 days per week, for example, is a great way to get comfortable with this movement!

Double Under Jump Rope combinations

We like teaching double unders within a series of singles. For example, for every 3 singles, perform 1 double under. If you can perform these unbroken, don’t dwell on it!

The next level of difficulty is to perform 1 single for every double.

The “single-double, single, double” method is the last step before a full and complete set of double-unders.

Perform a set of singles to warm up. Next, perform the single-double chain 20 times. Once you are able to do this, immediately move onto double-double sets!

It’s a great feeling when you loop those first few doubles together! In fact, you might not be able to stop yourself. To really master these, put on different types of music (different rhythms) or do them in a space with a lot of chaos! This will help you perform double-unders well in distracting and high-pressure environments, like competitions!

Correcting your double-unders

If you were once able to do the double under and now you can’t seem to get it back, there is usually a small fix you haven’t noticed. Get someone to film yourself and take a look at what exactly you’re doing. This is a great way of getting visual feedback. Here are things to look for and correct:

-        Straight body position on each jump: See the images below of “Hollow body” and “tuck jumping”

-        Distance of hands from hips/ sides? This should be constant throughout a set!

-        Where you land on your feet (rebounding or not?)

-        When you jump in relation to rope location (too early or too late?)

-        Are your jumps and rope keeping the same rhythm?

-        Are your wrists or shoulders trying to spin/ flick the rope?

-        Finally, is this the right rope for you? Sometimes, changing from a wire to a leather rope changes everything! The weight and balance of the rope needs adjusting to.

 Don’t do a “Hollow body” jump!                                        Don’t do “tuck Jumping”!











Once you’re right on with the double’s, why stop there?! Time to master the coveted Triple Under!!

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