Firstly if you haven't already check my first double unders guide.

Double Unders are used by boxers and mma fighters for conditioning, coordination and building endurance. It has also become one of the many milestones of crossfit!

What is a double under? Basically the concept of a double under is to
Pass the double under jump rope under your feet twice in a single jump. Pretty Simple, or
so it sounds on paper. But until you practice and

have the correct rope, it can feel a lot like a losing battle.



So before you start Smashing those PRs and hitting every WOD including double unders in it. Lets take a look at Chris Speallers how to guide. This is a crossfit speed rope, and one of the best athletes out there.



Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Stay Tight Squeeze your abs, butt, and keep your legs tight together throughout the exercise. Think hollow rock
  • Don't bend you knees when jumping
  • Do use your wrists - Do not use your arms to spin the rope, you shoulders will thank you

Mikko Salo - Another King of Crossfit learning double unders, Everyone has to learn! Even the best athletes.



Lessons Learnt

  • Not everyone will master this in minutes, it takes time but stick with it youll get there.
  • palm facing forward and arms tucked in
  • Straight legs
So hopefully you have a good idea about starting double unders practice from ym first two guides or perfecting them if youve already got a few strung together. 

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If you already have a jump rope and need some more tips, please check out my other guide How to Guide plus Tips here!


- Get a good quality rope, here at we only sell the fastest, best quality ropes. 

-Correct rope length is essential, the handles should be up to nipple height when standing on the rope. Give me some time and il put a guide for sizing up.Good job all of our jump ropes are adjustable ;-) 

- Hands in tight - slightly out in front

- Use the Wrists not shoulders/arms

- Don't Pike or Tuck Jump.


(i do not claim to hold or reserve any rights for the video content) Im mearly gathering the best inromation and putting it in one place to help others.)

I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you have any further tips or comments please feel free to add them below. The more we can learn the better we get. 
No More Struggle Unders!! Here at double under jump rope we wish you the best of luck.