Using a crossfit speed rope has numerous health benefits, and is a great cardiovascular workout. This is probably the reason why using a speed rope is part of many fitness disciplines training. There are many sports that incorporate the use of a speed rope within their training. The sport that has always been recognized for skipping rope is boxing. Many boxing legends use a skipping rope for their pre-fight training day in and day out. These older more traditional skipping ropes tended to be made out of leather and have wooden handles. Legends such as Muhammad Ali would use this tool daily without fail to keep his fight conditioning up.

 Crossfit Girls Speed Rope

Using a Double Under Jump Rope at high intensity intervals for just 10 minutes will burn on average around 100 calories and will work all the muscles in your body.  Im sure we all remember this as a kid in gym class, but seriously pick one up and try it today – any and every Speed rope will give you an intense workout and is great for burning fat.


There are a number of different exercises you can do with your speed rope:

  • The Double under - This is probably one of the more demanding exercises you can do with your speed rope. This is when your crossfit speed rope travels over your head twice while you only jump once. This will require you to have strict form and be able to spin the rope round twice using your wrist and a fast action. Your elbows tucked in close to your sides and when you jump  you will need to jump higher than you normally would, but do not try to hard, and I suggest you try the single, single, double strategy until you get the hang of it.
  • The High Knee - This requires you to spin the rope as a single under. As the rope is going under, you raise you knee one at a time higher than you would normally. Pretty Obvious I guess.
  • The Crossover – Fine example of boxers you see in the movies Like Rocky, who need great hand/eye co-ordination and excellent foot work. These can be done as part of a single jump routine. As the rope is travelling round in a standard rope swing motion over your head, you cross both your arms in front of you, this will then create a loop and then you jump as per normal. id recommend using a double under jump rope here as this is a high speed high skill exercise. 
  • Running Jumps – Great for kids, im sure you remember these from sports day races at school. Basically you to jump as quickly as you can over the speed rope whilst running forward. Id recommends starting off very slow and working your way up from a slow jog to a run. Can be good to start on a soft surface such as grass.
  • Alternating Feet - A nice easy thing to do while you are learning and getting your balance. Basically a single under but as the rope is travelling under your feet bounce from one foot, then onto the other.
  • For many of the exercises above it would be best to have a speed rope especially if you are doing crossfit. If you need more help on how to do a double under please check out my beginner’s guide