Remember back to your childhood day of struggling with how to ride a bike or swim. Well its much similar experience with double unders. Now we have all used a jump rope or skipping rope before, may have been 10, 20, 30, 40 Years ago haha but we all know how it works.

Now we need to get back on that bike or back in that pool. Grab your jump rope (check out the best double under jump rope for crossfit if you havnt already) and RELAX! Remember the harder you tried to move your little legs to pedal as fast as you could which never worker. Once you started feeling confident maybe your parent was holding onto the back of your seat and you believed it was all YOU, that was the moment your brain switch from I can’t to I CAN! And boom before you knew it the training wheels were off and you were flying down the road on your bike.

So my advice to you would be take a step back, deep breath, relax and try not to think about to many cues or tips! Just go for single, sinle double to start. Once you are confident move onto double double.

Do not choose singles over double in any crossfit WOD, you will never learn if you don’t practice. Even if you get one or two. That’s better than one.

Ive coached many individuals with obvious talent and ability who lack the confidence hence shy away from attempting double unders. So don’t let it hold you back, if you never try you will never learn.


Escape your comfort zone

Have a few practice attempts before the WOD even if you get one, you know you can do it!

Get after it! Relax and let your mind and body take control, get a hold of the best jump rope you can.