Master 50-100 Unbroken Double Unders? Well Here's How……..


Secret # 1

Is your Jump Rope set to the Correct Length? Too Long? Too Short?

Some Custom Jump Ropes are pre-cut to specific lengths, here at double under jump rope we try to minimize the issue by having an easily adjustable length for all different sizes and techniques.

For a great starting length I suggest you check out our  Crossfit Jump Rope Length guide. But don’t go cutting it until you are comfortable with the length. Better to leave a little spare incase you change your mind ;-P

Once you have had several hours practice with your newly sized jump rope, you will start to get a feel for which length is correct for you. Usually this is only a matter of minimal adjustments I’m talking 1-4 inches. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but can hugely affect your swing. 

Too Short – We all know the frustration and whip marks that come with it, so make sure you don’t trip yourself up here and start increasing the length until you feel comfortable

Too Long – The Swing will be too slow and cumbersome and force you to use your arms instead of your wrists (more about this later) to counteract the increased length and in turn will mean your body fatigues more rapidly.

To Sum up – Rope length can be the difference between a few double unders and becoming your BOX Double Under Expert.

Keep Practicing and stay tuned for more Double Under Secrets Revealed. 


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