1.  Practice!

Jumping rope is a great way to keep fit, so try spend some time before and at the end of your warm up or class, it wont be long before you start notcing improvements and You'll be amazed by how quickly you start stringing larger numbers of double unders together. 

2. Make sure to do Double Unders in WODs!

It sucks doing double-unders when you know you could just scale it to single unders and get through the workout in half the time. Does it really matter if you beat your last PR using single unders. Or would you rather take your time get used to it and before you know it you wont need to scale them. 


3.  Make sure your rope is not too long.

Having a long rope allows you to continue to have bad form.  If your arms are sticking out on each side like you're about to jump you're already in a very inefficient position.  Holding your arms out to the side leads to more shoulder and arm fatigue...which leads to less accuracy in timing...which leads to less double unders. 

If you know you have an issue with this, we recommend buying an adjustable rope, at all of our ropes are fully adjustable to suit each individual. 

4.  You are just getting started!

Give yourself some time!  The last time you jumped rope, you were probably in elementary school, so don't expect to go into this whole double-under thing like a your fellow class mates who may have been practicing for years.  Be OK with sucking at double-unders for a while.

5.  Buy your own rope!

In the gym you will find a number of different rope type, sizes, weights, lengths and that is great but to start out you need consistency. Double-unders are a very finely tuned movement.  Using multiple ropes is like asking your brain to juggle a tennis ball, a chain saw, and a bowling pin.  It's possible...but it's harder than using the same one over and over until you master step one.